Assessment Roll Taxation - Warning


The information shown on the assessment roll – taxation is the property of Ville de Longueuil. This information is offered for personal use only. In accordance with the opinion issued by the Commission d'accès à l'information (Commission for Access to Information) concerning the publishing of assessment rolls on the Internet by municipalities, personal information (owners' names and addresses) are not included in the Internet version of the roll. To obtain this information, you must visit the Direction de l'évaluation (Assessment Department).

The information provided in response to your search is based on the last update to the taxation assessment roll carried out by the tax department, as shown under the title Last update on. The tax is the amount of tax as of January 1st of that year (the actual amount of tax billed may vary). Ville de Longueuil may not be held responsible for the accuracy of data published on the Internet once this information has been extracted by printing, digitally copying or by any other means.

Notaries, financial institutions and legal representatives should consult the Guide concernant l'accès au service TFP Internet pour les notaires, institutions financières et les représentants légaux.

In case of discrepancy, only that information contained in the assessment and in the collection rolls as filed with Ville de Longueuil will be considered valid and official.

To access the information for the assessment roll after January 1st, 2013 see the assessment roll for 2013-2014-2015.