Main by-laws index (by theme)

This section contains by-laws concerning quality of life and public order in each of the city's boroughs. They contain information that summarizes the by-laws' main dispositions, accompanied by general advice.

Some municipal by-laws and their contents vary according to the borough.


The explanations concerning these by-laws in no way replace the actual text of the by-laws that have been officially adopted by the conseil de ville, conseil d'agglomération or borough councils. All costs, rates and fine amounts are quoted as examples. For legal purposes, the official text of the by-law must be consulted.

Therefore, before undertaking any action or project, please make sure to contact the division or department responsible for a given by-law's application since special provisions may apply and some by-laws may have been recently amended.

By-laws official texts

You may obtain copies of the official texts, for a small fee, at service counters in City Hall. Please use the by-law number as a reference when you make enquiries about by-laws. For additional information, please contact the Direction du greffe.

Exterior landscaping and construction

clearly visible address
detached garage
dish antenna
emerald ash borer
energy efficiency
filtration system (swimming pools and hot tubs)
garden shed
heat pump
hot tubs
housing assistance programs
parking (planning a parking area)
planning a parking area
planting trees and shrubs
propane gas tank
pruning and topping of trees
shed (garden)
swimming pool filter
swimming pools
temporary car shelter
tree felling
trees and shrubs
vacant lot
vehicle storage
water heater

Drinking water

car washing (watering and water usage)
fire hydrants (watering and water usage)
lawn (watering and water usage)
manhole covers (broken, moved cover)
municipal sewer and water systems
rusty water (water supply system)
sewer back up
sewer system (sewer back up)
swimming pool (filling)
water (watering and water usage)
water pressure (water supply system)
water supply system (rusty water, water pressure)
watering and water usage

Fire prevention

alarms (false)
barbecues and grils
chimney sweeping
Christmas decorations (fire risk)
clearly visible address
exits and balconies (clearing and snow-removal)
outdoor fires
smoke detector
solid-fuel burning equipment
wood-burning stove (solid-fuel burning equipment)


alarms (false)
cats, dogs (animals)
circulars and newspapers
dog licence (animals)
door-to-door sales
dwelling cleanliness
garage sale
métro station (parks and public areas)
parks and public areas
property maintenance
ragweed (property maintenance)
vehicle for sale
weeds (property maintenance)

Permits and certificates

enterprises (authorization and occupation certificates)
Site patrimonial cité du Vieux-Longueuil (heritage area – construction, renovation, demolition)
parking stickers



Quality of life

alarm system
pesticides (property maintenance)
public areas and parks
use of firearms and explosive materials

Public roads and circulation

catch basins (snow removal)
fire hydrands (damaged)
overnight street parking
parking (snow removal)
parking meter (not working)
parking stickers
permit (snow-removal)
public roads and their components
signs (damaged)
snow remoral
street light (not working)
street sign (damaged)
traffic light (not working)
unauthorized vehicles
vehicle idling
vehicle towing