Chimney Sweeping

You may clean your chimney yourself or entrust this work to a chimney sweep. The agglomeration's fire prevention department does not recommend or accredit any chimney sweeping firm. However, the department wishes to warn citizens who are solicited by some firms, because some of them do not necessarily have the necessary qualifications.

To ensure your safety, choose a qualified contractor!

Remember that a chimney fire can quickly cause important damage to a building hence the importance of cleaning at least once a year any chimney linked to a solid fuel heating installation (fireplace, wood stove, etc.).

To have a chimney swept, it is recommended that you use a chimney sweep who is a member of the Association des professionnels en chauffage (APC). If the sweep must repair the chimney or the fireplace, you should check to ensure that he or she holds a permit from the Régie du bâtiment. Obtain a receipt as proof that the work has been carried out.

It is also recommended to inspect chimneys and chimney connections every year, or each time we install a heating appliance, no matter which type of fuel is used (gas, oil, wood, etc.).

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