Green and blue city

Longueuil is a green and blue city, which preserves the ecosystems located on its territory and makes them accessible and attractive to residents. The quality of the air, water, and soil meets existing best standards. Our waste management process is governed by the 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recover, recycle) and generates zero waste. The city has reduced its ecological footprint and braced its residents for climate change, while constantly working to lessen the impacts of climate change and reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

As part of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Sustainability, Longueuil puts everything in place to achieve its Longueuil 2035 vision where:

  • Ville de Longueuil is still renowned for protecting and enhancing its natural heritage sites, which include wetlands, woodlands, and bodies of water.

  • Citizens enjoy spaces with a biodiversity that is unique to Longueuil, designed in a manner that is sustainable by the ecosystems.

  • The St. Lawrence River district is a living environment to which both citizens and visitors gravitate.

  • The city features numerous accessible blue and green spaces for relaxation and recreation. The amenities, installations, parks, and river are fully developed and accessible to everyone.

  • The urban landscape is embellished with parks, green spaces, natural environments, and woodlands, thus reducing the city's environmental footprint. The ecological services in this green and blue landscape are numerous and allow Longueuil to better adapt to climate change.

  • Longueuil is a leader in the management of drinking and waste water. Water is treated as a shared wealth. The amount of water distributed per person is reduced and is comparable to the best cities in Canada. The drinking water and waste water management facilities are maintained to ensure their lastingness and reliability. The city has reduced the frequency of its sewer overflows into the St. Lawrence River to a level that meets government objectives.

  • Waste is managed according to the 4R approach. Citizens and IBIs (industries, businesses, and institutions) actively participate in the process, helping to divert waste from landfills and achieve the objective of zero waste in 2035.

  • By reducing GHG emissions (transportation, waste management, protection of natural heritage sites, sustainable territory management, implementation of adequate control measures), air quality and quality of life on the territory are greatly improved.

  • Through integrated municipal management, Longueuil is ensuring the protection of the land and groundwater on its territory.