Fighting graffiti and illegal tags

Fighting graffiti and undesirable tags: you can help us!

Illegal graffiti and tags are a form of vandalism, plain and simple! (more information about the regulation)

Ville de Longueuil is asking for your cooperation in reporting any act of vandalism that you may witness by immediately calling 911. Your call will remain confidential.

Reporting graffiti

You can report graffiti (confidentially) in two ways:

Graffiti removal by the city

Thanks to a joint removal strategy with the police department, the Direction des travaux publics, and a social economy enterprise specialized in graffiti removal, the city acts quickly to remove all graffiti from its buildings and structures.

Ville de Longueuil is asking you to be its eyes and ears by promptly reporting the presence of graffiti on its territory.

Removing graffiti from your property

It is recommended that you remove graffiti as quickly as possible. Above all, illegal graffitists want to be noticed—beat them at their own game!

Residents and merchants can contact the social economy enterprise Dose Culture to remove graffiti and tags from their property (fee-based service).

Dose Culture: 514 928-8821

Tips on preventing graffiti Plants


Paint your exterior walls in contrasting colours, or better still, cover walls with coloured stones or bricks. Graffiti will be less visible, which is a deterrent to graffitists.


Installing a lighting system with motion detectors is an effective deterrent. Consider installing a light bulb safety cage.


If your exterior walls are in good condition, adding climbing plants will help to protect them against the elements and graffitists. You might also consider planting bushes, shrubs, or rose bushes close to your walls to protect them.

To find out more, check out our gardening advice.