Longueuil 2035 – Our sustainable city

These days, our societies are facing—and will continue to face—numerous challenges that include climate change, population aging, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), public transit, waste management, responsible procurement, transparency, healthy living, the green economy, the fight against poverty, citizen engagement, and conservation of natural and cultural heritage sites. To meet the needs of the community and to adapt to these future changes, Ville de Longueuil needed to come up with an innovative, targeted, sustainable development plan.

As such, committed to and bolstered by a firm belief in the principles of sustainable development, Ville de Longueuil opted to support its actions and the future of its residents with the 2013-2018 Sustainable Development Plan, the first step toward achieving our broader vision of a sustainable Longueuil by 2035. As we work toward meeting these objectives, the Sustainable Development Plan will serve as a framework for all municipal plans, policies, and by-laws.

By working together today, we can achieve a sustainable tomorrow for our community.

In 2035…

Longueuil has chosen to make sustainable development a priority in its planning process and management practices. Its actions are part of an ongoing process to improve quality of life for all citizens. Driven by innovation, the city places equal emphasis on environmental protection, equity and social solidarity, as well as a prosperous and responsible economy. With the support of its citizens, organizations, businesses, and institutions, Longueuil is pursuing a constantly evolving approach that will benefit all residents today, and that will ensure the well-being of people who choose to live here in the future.

  • Longueuil is a demographically, culturally, environmentally, and economically diverse city. Our tightly knit community studies and applies the principles of sustainable development through concrete actions that benefit everyone. By always listening to and working with community members, Longueuil has become known as a model city—relevant, vibrant, and citizen-oriented. Everyone works together for the common good of Longueuil residents.

  • Guided by an integrated territory management approach, Ville de Longueuil has implemented adapted mechanisms and tools to coordinate its actions in a manner sustainable by the territory.

  • In our city, all citizens have access to quality services that meet their current and future needs. Aware of its rich territorial and cultural diversity, Longueuil makes a point of respecting the distinctive features of each district, encouraging the development of local services, and creating and promoting a network of social services accessible to everyone.

  • Citizens, organizations, and businesses are committed to and actively participate in democratic life in Longueuil. Community action is vigorous and valued, and partnerships likely to develop the city to its full potential are encouraged.

  • Community knowledge and know-how are exploited, positioning Longueuil as an innovative city and a green economy.

  • The city's diverse natural and cultural heritage is protected, showcased, and accessible to everyone.

  • Aware of the importance of leading by example, the municipal administration applies the principals of sustainable development to its own internal practices, such as the environmentally responsible management of its procurement process.

  • Longueuil is an exemplary city in terms of public and active transit. Its residents can get around wherever they want, whenever they want. Together, they have reduced their environmental footprint by opting to use public transit rather than solo driving. Residents' health and quality of life are vastly improved as a result.

  • Everyone has done their share to adapt to climate change. The city's ecological footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have been reduced and now meet the highest international standards. Energy efficiency is a priority in all building and infrastructure development, construction, and renovation projects on the territory.