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Calculation of transfer duties

This worksheet is provided for information purposes only.

Please select or enter a value in the dark blue boxes

Select the year for the calculation
Role value [access the assessment roll]
Adjustment factor
B $  
Basis for taxation: multiply A with B
C $  
Sale price/compensation
D $  
Amount used in calculation (highest value, C or D)
E $  
1st portion (not exceeding $50,900) 0.50%
F $  
2nd portion (between $50,901 and $254,400) 1.00%
G $  
3rd portion (between $254,401 and $508,699) 1.50%
H $  
4th portion (in excess of $508,699) 3,00%
I $  
Sum of F, G, H and I Total
J $  

Calculation of transfer duties for the years 2009 to 2017
Calculation of transfer duties for the year 2018

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