Borough councils

The borough council is made up of councillors who represent their borough on the municipal council. The number of borough councillors is proportional to the population of each borough.

  • Arrondissement de Greenfield Park: 1 councillor
  • Arrondissement de Saint-Hubert: 5 councillors
  • Arrondissement du Vieux-Longueuil: 9 councillors

The members of the borough councils also sit with the mayor on the municipal council. To find out who sits on a borough council, choose a borough from the list on the right. Please note that only the Arrondissement de Greenfield Park has this information in English.

The council members designate one of their number to be the borough president, a function which this person retains until the end of their mandate as a councillor.

The borough council may present opinions and make recommendations to the municipal council concerning the budget, the setting of budget priorities, the preparation or amendment of the town plan, modifications to planning by-laws, or on any other subject submitted to it by the municipal council.

Within the borough limits and as set out in law, the borough council holds authority, power and obligations in the following fields:

In particular, the borough office is responsible for issuing permits and the distribution of information from both the borough and the city councils.

Town Planning (zoning, permits and inspections)

A borough council that has an advisory town planning committee may adopt a by-law concerning minor exemptions to the city zoning by-laws.

Waste Collection

The borough council acts for the city council in matters pertaining to the collection of waste material.

Local Economic, Community, and Social Development

In accordance with rules set by the city in the development plan, the municipal council may offer financial support to an organization operating within the borough and whose mission is to contribute to local economic, community or social development.

Culture, Recreation, and Borough Parks

The borough council is responsible for the management of those parks, and recreational or cultural equipment, that are located within the borough and that have not been designated as the responsibility of the city council.

The borough council is also responsible for the organization of recreational sports and cultural activities. To this end, it may offer financial support to those organizations whose aim is to provide and encourage physical or cultural activities.

Local Road Network

The borough council is responsible for the management of roads and routes as decided by the city council. It exercises the authority of the City for traffic signs and traffic flow in accordance with the rules set out by the municipal council.

Certain decisions of the borough council must be vetted and authorized by the city council when, for example, committing City finances for a period exceeding the current financial year.


See the Calendar to obtain the time and location of Regular meetings of the borough councils:

The public may attend these meetings. A public question period is on the agenda at each meeting. There is no registration procedure for the question period.