Claims and civil remedies

Ville de Longueuil – Claims office

How to submit a claim?

If you claim to have suffered damage by any accident, for which you intend to seek damages from the municipality, you must give or cause to be given notice in writing to the clerk of the municipality of such intention. The notice must contain the particulars of your claim, the date and place of the incident and your contact information, failing which the municipality will be relieved from any liability for any damages caused by such accident.

For any claim for damage to property, moveable or immoveable, a similar notice must also be given to the clerk of the municipality, within 15 days of the accident, failing which the municipality will not be liable for any damages.

Failure to give notice

The failure to give such notice does not, however, deprive any victim of such accident of his right of action, if he proves that he was prevented from giving such notice for any reason deemed sufficient by the court or judge.

Where to send a claim?

  • on line
  • By mail, Email or fax:
    Ville de Longueuil
    Direction des services juridiques
    Bureau des réclamations
    4250, chemin de la Savane
    Longueuil (Québec)   J3Y 9G4
    Fax: 450 463-7414

Claims processing

Upon receipt of a claim, the Claims office will open a file and subsequently get in touch with the claimant. Please note that claimants who have property insurance coverage must also submit a claim to their insurance company.

Moreover, it is also important to note that a person who has suffered property loss following an incident may proceed in having urgent and necessary work carried out to repair or replace the property without delay.

However, the claimant must ensure that photographs, invoices and other supporting documents are kept for the eventual processing of the claim.

If you are not satisfied with the city's position

Recourse and limitation period

No such action shall be instituted before the court before the expiration of 15 days from the date of the service of the notice, when this is required. In addition, the limitation period must also be taken into account. Claim for material damages must be instituted within six months after the day on which the accident happened or the cause of action accrued, failing which the claim will not be admissible. For an action against the municipality or any of its officers, for material or moral damages occasioned by faults, or illegalities, the limitation period is also 6 months. In the case of bodily injury, the limitation period is 3 years.

Recourse in warranty

The municipality shall have a recourse in warranty against any person whose fault or negligence occasioned the accident and the damage arising therefrom.

Accidents on sidewalks, streets or roads

No municipal corporation may be held liable for damage resulting from an accident, of which any person is the victim, on the sidewalks, streets or roads, by reason of the snow or ice, unless the claimant establishes that the said accident was caused by the negligence or fault of the said corporation, the court having to take into account the weather conditions.

Damage resulting from sewer back-ups

No right of action shall lie against the municipality for damage caused by sewer back-up to articles, merchandise or effects kept for any purpose in a cellar or basement, if the claimant has already received compensation from the municipality for similar damages caused at the same place and has not subsequently installed there, at least 30 cm from the floor and at a distance of at least 30 cm from the exterior walls, a support on which such articles, merchandise or effects must be kept.

Damage with respect to roads

Ville de Longueuil is not liable for damage caused by the presence of an object on the roadway, whether or not the object comes from a motor vehicle or is projected by a motor vehicle.

Ville de Longueuil is not liable for damage caused by the state of the roadway to the tires or to the suspension system of a motor vehicle.

Ville de Longueuil is not liable for damage caused, during road work, through the fault of a contractor to whom work has been entrusted.

Important note: The text in this document is an adaptation of section 585 and subsequent sections of the Cities and Towns Act (Ch. C-19). The applicable legal text must therefore be referred to, with the text of the Act prevailing at all times.