Longueuil to continue to roll out organic waste collection

The City of Longueuil will be moving forward with the expansion of organic waste pickup service as announced in February. Given the current situation with COVID-19, a number of precautions and sanitation measures will be undertaken to keep everyone safe.

“Our residents have been eagerly awaiting curbside organic waste collection service, so the City is going ahead with this important project, despite the current circumstances. Of course, their safety and health will remain a top priority, which is why we have adapted our implementation plan in accordance with public health guidelines and physical distancing measures,” said Sylvie Parent, Mayor of Longueuil.

Safety-enhanced distribution of brown bins
Brown bins will be delivered from April 27 to May 30 to single-family homes and multiplexes (2-8 units) in the two new sectors of phase 3. Detailed maps of each of the sectors and a list of the addresses served are available at longueuil.quebec/en/organic-waste-collection.

In an effort to protect the population and the crews in charge of distribution, the handling of bins will be minimized. Only one delivery driver will be allowed per vehicle. Drivers will wear gloves and will always use the same truck, which will be disinfected daily. They will maintain a distance of two metres from other workers and citizens. The organic collection service will begin on May 26 and 27 in the target sectors.

The door-to-door campaign that had been planned to inform residents about the service and answer any questions they may have has been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. In its place, the City will drop off leaflets and a pickup schedule in the affected residents' mailboxes. Those interested in obtaining further information can refer to the City's website, longueuil.quebec/en/organic-waste-collection, join the Destination-Bac-Brun Facebook group or contact the Citizen Service Centre by calling 311.

The implementation of this service will take place in four new phases, covering approximately 20,000 households each, so that the entire city has access by 2021. The next phase is scheduled at the end of this summer, followed by another in the fall and a final one in the spring of next year. Currently, close to 13,000 households have access to organic waste pickup, as a result of the pilot project carried out in 2017 and 2018.

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