COVID-19: Longueuil provides an update on its public activities

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the City of Longueuil is suspending all municipal activities open to the public. However, Longueuil will continue to provide municipal services to citizens and hold public meetings.

Programs & events
The City would like to point out that all community, cultural, sports and recreational activities held in closed municipal buildings have been suspended until further notice. All other events scheduled by the City are cancelled until April 30.

Municipal court
The Municipal Court of Longueuil is closed to the public. All appearances scheduled for the week of March 16-20, 2020 have been postponed to a later date. Defendants and their counsel will receive a new Notice of Hearing. For any emergency, such as the actual or imminent suspension of your driver's license, please contact the Municipal Court of Longueuil. You can call us at 450-463-7006, fax us at 450-646-8897 or email us at

Longueuil Public Market
The City has also confirmed that the Longueuil Public Market shall remain open.

Special measures for public meetings
Longueuil has confirmed that the Saint-Hubert borough council meeting will be held, as scheduled, on Monday, March 16 and will be broadcast live, as usual, via its YouTube channel and Twitter account.

To limit contact and, in turn, minimize the spread of COVID-19, the City is encouraging citizens to follow the borough council meeting on Twitter and YouTube. In addition, during the public question period, citizens may exceptionally email their questions to the City Clerk's office at, on Monday, March 16, between 8:30 a.m. and 7:15 p.m.

Longueuil is also in the process of establishing the procedures for upcoming meetings. Additional communications to this effect will follow, primarily about the City Council's meeting on March 24 and the Agglomeration Council's meeting on March 26.

Essential services to the public are maintained Despite closing municipal buildings, the City of Longueuil has implemented its civil protection plan to ensure that essential services to the public and all business operations will not be disrupted.

In addition, Longueuil has informed city residents that the eco-centres shall remain open.

The City has also confirmed to its suppliers that its administrative and procurement activities are maintained.

Lastly, the City of Longueuil would like to remind its residents that, despite the closure of municipal buildings, they can still contact the City through the Citizen Service Centre — via phone at 311 or 450-463-7311 (outside Longueuil), online at Mon portail citoyen, email at and social media.

Staying informed
The City is striving to meet the evolving needs of its citizens and limit the risk of infection. Longueuil, in constant discussions with public authorities, will tailor its measures to any changes in the COVID-19 situation to, first and foremost, safeguard the health of its residents and staff and, in turn, ensure that services to the public and business operations will not be disrupted.

Longueuil residents can stay informed of the latest developments via the City's website and Facebook page.

About Longueuil
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