City council

Ville de Longueuil

The legal beginnings of Ville de Longueuil

Bill 170 concerning the organizational reform of the municipalities in the metropolitan regions of Montreal, Quebec and the Ottawa Valley created the new Ville de Longueuil by merging eight South Shore municipalities and the Champlain municipal regional council. In January 1, 2002, Longueuil has been made up of boroughs corresponding to the limits of the former municipalities. Following the adoptions of Bill 9 and 75 the territory was reorganized in January 1, 2006, and 4 of these boroughs were reconstituted as cities. The cities are tied with Longueuil to form the Agglomération de Longueuil. Ville de Longueuil consists of the boroughs of Greenfield Park, Saint-Hubert and Vieux-Longueuil.

The legal basis for Ville de Longueuil stems mainly from the Cities and Towns Act and from Ville de Longueuil's charter. The charter may be amended by the Quebec government to provide the city with an ongoing legal framework adapted to its needs, and to modify certain conditions in the exercise of its powers.

Charte de la Ville de Longueuil (L.R.Q., chapitre C-11.3)

Municipal elections

Elections are held on the first Sunday in November, every four years. Certain conditions must be met in order to have the right to vote: among other considerations, a person must live in the municipality, be the owner or occupier of property or of business premises, hold Canadian nationality, be at least 18 years old, and be registered on the electoral list.

On voting day, electors vote for a mayor, and for the city councillor for their district.

For more information about electoral representation and the Right to vote, visit the Web site of the Directeur général des élections du Québec.

Role and powers

The city council is made up of a mayor and 15 councillors.

Members of the city council administer the city's business and set important policies such as:

  • Adopting of municipal by-laws;
  • Applying taxation powers;
  • Adopting budgets and approve expenditures necessary for the administration of the city;
  • Creating city departments and specify their field of work;
  • Requesting reports from the executive committee concerning the administration of the city;
  • Adopting town planning plans;
  • Awarding contracts of $100,000 or more;
  • Appointing the Director General, the City Clerk, the Treasurer, the department heads and their deputies.

City council meetings

Regular council meetings of the Ville de Longueuil are held at 7:00 p.m. Consult the calendar to learn the dates and locations of the meetings.

The public can attend these meetings. A question period is reserved for the public at each meeting (see the Rules for the public question period).

City council members

Sylvie PARENT, Mayor

Arrondissement du Vieux-Longueuil

Districts Councillors
Antoinette-Robidoux Michel LANCTÔT – Longueuil citoyen
Boisé-Du Tremblay Benoît L'ECUYER – Longueuil citoyen
Coteau-Rouge Monique BASTIEN – Action Longueuil
Explorateurs Tommy THÉBERGE – Action Longueuil
Fatima-du Parcours-du-Cerf Steve GAGNON – Longueuil citoyen
Georges-Dor Xavier LÉGER – Longueuil citoyen
LeMoyne-de Jacques-Cartier Colette ÉTHIER – Action Longueuil
Parc-Michel-Chartrand Jonathan TABARAH – Longueuil citoyen
Saint-Charles Eric BOUCHARD – Action Longueuil

Arrondissement de Greenfield Park

District Councillors
Greenfield Park Robert MYLES – Option Longueuil
Councillor no 1 Peter DOONAN – Option Longueuil
Councillor no 2 Wade WILSON – Option Longueuil

Arrondissement de Saint-Hubert

Districts Councillors
Iberville Éric BEAULIEU – Action Longueuil
Laflèche Jacques LEMIRE – Longueuil citoyen
Maraîchers Jean-François BOIVIN – Longueuil citoyen
Parc-de-la-Cité Jacques E POITRAS – Longueuil citoyen
Vieux-Saint-Hubert-de la Savane Nathalie BOISCLAIR – Independent

Here is a map of Ville de Longueuil's electoral districts:

Map of Longueuil's electoral districts

Detailed map

Consult Longueuil's interactive map to geolocate electoral districts