Speaker of the Council

Ville de Longueuil

Jonathan Tabarah
Jonathan Tabarah
Speaker of the Council of Ville de Longueuil

Ville de Longueuil's Council elects, among its members, a Speaker who is not the Mayor. Two thirds of the Council's votes are required to elect the Speaker. The Speaker conducts the Council's meetings and:

  • Declares the meeting open, suspended, adjourned or resumed;
  • Maintains order and decorum during meetings;
  • Can have anyone who disrupts a meeting expelled from the session;
  • Ensures that these rules of procedure are observed;
  • Conducts deliberations;
  • Makes any decision required to ensure the proper conduct of the meeting;
  • Announces the start and end of the public question period;
  • Decides the order of the questions from the public;
  • Determines, during the Council's debates and discussions on each agenda item, the order in which the Council's members are heard.

Only the Speaker can give the right to speak during the Council's meetings. When acting as Speaker, a Council member cannot intervene as a member of the Council.