Recognition of urban art

Politique en art urbain (urban art policy)

Ville de Longueuil's Politique en art urbain comprises three major aims:

  • counter vandalism by fighting unwanted graffiti;
  • showcase urban art;
  • promote social and cultural development.

Its main objectives are to promote legal urban artwork and its creators, make legal walls available to artists, and educate the public about the legitimacy of urban art, as well as the phenomenon of illegal graffiti.

Politique en art urbain
Consult the Politique en art urbain

Plan d'action sur l'art urbain et les graffitis 2015
Plan d'action de la Politique en art urbain : bilan 2014


Value of urban art


Frescoes are permanent works created by artists in urban art to beautify districts and offer art as a means of local artistic encounters.

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Legal walls

Urban art lovers can practice their art freely and legally by using the legal wall placed at their disposal at the Julien-Lord reservoir

Legal wall