Participatory approach


Citizens are invited to share with the city their needs, comments, opinions and expectations throughout the development of Longueuil's downtown core.

Resource person and citizens liaison committee:

In previous consultations, participants expressed their interest in having a dedicated resource person to receive, process and channel information requests from the downtown core residents, business owners, business people, institutional, cultural and community organizations to the various city departments.

An urban development consultant now holds this position, in addition to supporting commercial, economic, social and cultural development in consultation with the stakeholders involved.

One of the first mandates of the urban development consultant is the creation of a liaison committee that brings together residents of the Place Charles-Le Moyne sector. The members of this committee are led to reflect and share their concerns about the objectives and principles to be respected regarding the development of the downtown core, while identifying solutions and actions to achieve in the short, medium and long term. Various topics are discussed at committee meetings such as safety, active mobility, greening, lighting, street furniture, traffic, parking, etc.

Public consultation

A formal public consultation will be held at a later date, as part of the process to adopt the Special Planning Program (SPP).

A project developed in consultation

The information sessions and discussions in March 2017 (information evening, open doors and survey) are the natural next step in a design process that has placed a strong emphasis on consultation and cooperation. In fact, Ville de Longueuil has encouraged a participatory planning approach since the start of the project in 2015.

Driven by a desire to find out the opinions and concerns of its citizens, Ville de Longueuil met with more than 30 organizations and partners to discuss issues such as:

  • transit
  • accessibility
  • real estate development
  • quality of life
  • economic development
  • the environment

Their comments fuelled the discussions leading to the development of the downtown core.