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Longueuil is part of the Agglomération de Longueuil:
Regroups 5 municipalities
Surface area: 282.4 km2
Population: 425,276 inhabitants
Density: 1,494.6 habitants per km2

Map of the agglomeration



Construction and housing1
Average residential property value: $342,8101
Total value of building permits: $667,987,0002

Economic activities2
15 industrial zones and parks
2,025 businesses employing 62,507 workers
45% are manufacturing companies
30% export goods
201 subsidiaries of multinational corporations employing 14,494 workers
GDP: $16.1 billion
Exports: $4.7 billion
80% of the businesses in the Agglomération de Longueuil that export do so to the United States

Origin of the head offices of multinational subsidiaries3



Place Charles-Le Moyne

Place Charles-Le Moyne

Longueuil's business area
1,257,873 m2 in area
65,783 m2 in office space
48,566 m2 in institutional space
Multiple parking lots

Public transportation
1 metro station
70 bus lines
76,000 daily users

Knowledge hub
3 universities
10,000 students
Continuing education

Living environment
5,600 workers
5,100 residents
Nearby restaurants


Airport real estate zone

The Agglomération de Longueuil's airport area is one of the rare sites in the Greater Montréal area to provide access to hundreds of thousands of square metres of unoccupied land.

More than 900,000 square metres available



Road infrastructure
Highways toward eastern and western Canada as well as the northeastern United States
30 minutes from the US border
2 hours from Québec City
2 hours from Ottawa
Easy access to Montréal via 4 bridges
Easy access to Toronto via Highway 30

Map of the region

Rail infrastructure
Accss to all Canadian and American rail networks
2 carriers:

  • Canadian National (CN)
  • Canadian Pacific (CP)

Map of the rail network

Maritime infrastructure
Located 15 kilometres from the Port of Montréal
Direct link to Europe and North America's East Coast as well as the American Midwest
Located 48 kilometres from the Contrecœur port terminal

Airport infrastructure
Interregional airport: Aéroport Montréal–Saint-Hubert–Longueuil
Transport of goods and passengers
Control tower
3 runways
Chartered flights
Regular flights
6th largest airport in Canada in terms of flight movements
Attraction for aerospace, R&D and high-tech companies

Aéroport Montréal– Saint-Hubert–Longueuil



Transportation, logistics and distribution 14,000
Aerospace 8,100
Agri-food 7,500
Life sciences 4,000
Eco-mobility 1,400


Transportation, logistics and distribution
Companies in the region


Leading-edge infrastructures
320 companies
14,000 jobs
Complete road network
Reliable highway, rail, maritime and air links
Access within 24 hours to the largest industrial centres in the US
Bypass of the island of Montréal toward Toronto or the United States via Highway 30

The Montérégie region, which includes Longueuil, is ranked first among all employment hubs in the transportation equipment manufacturing sector.

The Agglomération de Longueuil alone is ranked second, ahead of the North Shore (Lanaudière and Laurentides), Montréal and Laval.


Companies in the region


In the Agglomération de Longueuil3
76 companies
8,100 jobs
Payroll: $682 million
Added value: $1.65 billion
1st and 2nd level assemblers, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, software designers, simulator manufacturers, specialized suppliers, etc.

Strategic partners:

Proportion of jobs in the sector5



Companies in the region


At the crossroads of a full-frowth industry5
170 companies
7,500 jobs
All links of the production chain are represented // 33% of the agricultural land base, processing, distribution and supply companies
Plan de développement de la zone agricole


Life sciences
Companies in the region


Priority field of activity5
100 companies
4,000 jobs
Manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical and homeopathic products
Medical devices and equipment
R&D laboratories
2 hospitals including 1 university hospital

Electric car

Companies in the region


Electric motorcycle

A promising emerging sector
3 specific subsectors:

  • traction chain for the electrification of transportation
  • energy storage
  • smart networks

22 companies renowned for their know-how and expertise
1,400 jobs
Employment growth per subsector that confirms the importance of this niche

Employment trends in the sector6


The territory of the Agglomération de Longueuil displays a concentration of jobs6:

  • 1.3 times higher than that of Québec as a whole in the ground transportation equipment manufacturing sector
  • 2.2 times higher than that of Québec as a whole in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector
  • 2.6 times higher than that of Québec as a whole in the electrical energy sector

Geographical distribution of sales6


Note: Unweighted average (the same weight is given to each company regardless of sales)

Businesses highly focused on exporting
Close to 90% of all sales made by eco-mobility companies established in the Agglomération de Longueuil are made outside Québec, more than 80% of which are made internationally.

Innovative ecosystem for the development of eco-mobility


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