Fees for certain Service de sécurité incendie services

The citizens of the Agglomération de Longueuil may require certain public safety services (police and fire), e.g. for the organization and holding of events.

The following summarizes the main services that may require the presence of firefighters or firefighting equipment.

For legal purposes, please refer to the by-law's official text CA-2009-108. For the by-law's other provisions, click on the following links:

Fire service

The following fees apply for fire service personnel and equipment. A minimum of 1.5 hours is billed for each service:

Service Fee/h
Firefighter or fire prevention technician $91/h
Officer $125/h
Pumper $803/h
Rescue unit $601/h
Pumper ladder or aerial ladder $1,112/h
Pumper ladder basket $1,638/h
Tanker pumper $773/h
Rescue boat $650/h
Prevention trailer $112/h
Command post $841/h
Small service vehicle $122/h


The following fees also apply for fire safety services:

Service Fee
Permit to burn, bonfires, fireworks, gatherings (bingo, cocktail, etc.) $91
Inspection of underground tanks for installation or removal $91
Inspection of fuel-burning appliances $91
Statistical research:
a) clerical personnel $37/h (minimum 1 hr)
b) fire prevention technician $91/h (minimum 1 hr)
c) officer $125/h (minimum 1 hr)
Air cascade system $33
Air cylinder filling $133/card for 20 refills or $7/unit
Meeting room location $539/day
Driving course location $534/day


For any additional information on Fire Service fees, please contact the Service de sécurité incendie or Info-taxes.