Parks and green spaces

Ville de Longueuil has always been careful to preserve its green spaces and improve its environment. As proof, it distributes annually to its citizens trees during Longueuil's Journée Verte (Green Day).

Also, in order to preserve the trees that adorn its territory, Longueuil has regulations on landscaping and planting trees. For more information, see the Trees and shrubs section of the Main By-laws.

Urban Forestry Policy

In 1986, the Arrondissement du Vieux-Longueuil made an inventory of the trees on public lands — parks, wooded areas, street rights of way. This inventory counted nearly 25,000 trees on the territory of Vieux-Longueuil, and recorded the characteristics and location of each. Today, there are 35,500 trees. A policy of urban forestry has also been established in 1990 to plan the planting of trees and work related to their conservation and maintenance. Ville de Longueuil has undertaken measures to improve the census considering all of its territory.

La petite corvée du parc Michel-Chartrand (Parc Michel-Chartrand's spring cleanup)

Since 1993, the Arrondissement du Vieux-Longueuil has been organizing a day devoted to the cleanup of parc Michel-Chartrand in which the entire population is invited to attend.

Nearly a hundred people expend all the energy necessary to protect this valuable natural area against the accumulation of waste and improve the environment.
Information: Parc Michel-Chartrand