Greenfield Park borough council

The regular council meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. alternating between the Arrondissement de Greenfield Park Office and the René-Veillet community centre.

The public may attend these meetings. A public question period is on the agenda at each meeting. There is no registration procedure for the question period.

Calendar of borough council meetings

Please consult the "Role of the Borough Councils" section for further information on borough councils.

The borough of Greenfield Park includes a single district that corresponds to the territory of the borough. The council of this borough consists of:

  • the Ville de Longueuil councillor elected in the district of Greenfield Park and is president of the borough of Greenfield Park;
  • two Greenfield Park borough councillors sitting only on the borough council.

Arrondissement de Greenfield Park

District Councillors
Greenfield Park Robert MYLES – Option Longueuil - borough president
Councillor no 1 Peter DOONAN – Option Longueuil
Councillor no 2 Wade WILSON – Option Longueuil