Healthy city

Longueuil is a city that is healthy and safe, supportive and friendly, creative and vibrant, civic minded and interconnected, while also being proud of its cultural, natural, and architectural heritage.

As part of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Sustainability, Longueuil puts everything in place to achieve its Longueuil 2035 vision where:

  • Community well-being is achieved through an integrated, innovative, and dynamic approach to social, community, and cultural development.

  • Quality of life is constantly being improved upon through the construction of comfortable, safe, accessible, and warm living environments.

  • The population has access to multiple online and educational resources within both formal and informal structures (municipal publications, workforce training, social institutions, etc.).

  • Social diversity and cohabitation favour the creation and preservation of village like neighbourhoods where the proximity of services creates dynamic environments, as well as natural meeting places and public spaces.

  • Physical activity, sports, and healthy lifestyles are promoted by the city and are accessible to everyone.

  • There is a strong, engaged, and easily recognizable social/community network in place whose programs facilitate the social, cultural, and economic integration of newcomers.

  • The city encourages community organizations as a means of promoting social cohesion and a sense of community living.

  • Longueuil is open to input from its citizens. It offers regular, honest, and fair opportunities for all citizens to influence the future of their community.

  • Arts and culture are highly valued and the city boasts a range of adaptable facilities (high-quality theatres, museums, libraries, etc.) that offer a wealth of cultural and recreational activities and services for people of all ages.

  • As a citizen-oriented city, Longueuil offers cultural and recreational activities of a calibre that extends beyond its borders, confirming the reputation of Longueuil and its position as a regional cultural hub.