Housing Assistance Programs

Ville de Longueuil acts as a partner with, or representative for, the Société d'habitation du Québec for the application of many housing assistance programs that have been set up by the Société. By actively participating in these programs, Ville de Longueuil is working to improve the quality of life for its residents through the provision of social housing and affordable housing, renovation assistance, home conversions to meet the needs of handicapped people and independent senior residents, and by offering assistance to home owners who are affected by certain construction problems. Depending on the programs, this help is offered under different forms such as subsidies.

The Direction de l'aménagement et de l'urbanisme has been given the task of setting up and administering renovation assistance within Ville de Longueuil.

Consult the appropriate section to see the details concerning the following programs that are offered or call the Direction de l'urbanisme.

Improved insulation

Insulation Improvement Program (IAP)

Longueuil's program provides a subsidy to homeowners who have received financial assistance under the Rénoclimat program in order to offer a good quality of accommodation for their insulation and soundproofing.

Renovation assistance

Programme Rénovation Longueuil (PRL) [Longueuil renovation program (LRP)]

Considering the return of the Quebec Renovation Program (Programme Rénovation Québec (PRQ)), the Longueuil renovation program is no longer offered except for projects that have already been approved.

Programme Rénovation Québec — Housing Section and Homes with Settlement Cracks

Renovation, new construction, conversion.
Aimed at residential property owners in the designated areas.

However, due to the large number of files already on the waiting list, during the 2017 programming period, we will not be able to accept new requests for financial assistance for this program.

Home Modifications

Adapting Dwellings for Autonomous Senior Living


Covers modification work to the dwellings of people 65 years of age and over who are low-income owners or renters. Please note that the program has been suspended for an indeterminate period.

Home Adaptation Program

Modifications to a handicapped person's home.

Construction of social housing and low-cost housing

Quebec Access to Housing

Construction of social housing to meet a particular need.
For cooperatives, municipal housing corporations, non-profit groups, etc.

For information regarding low-cost housing, see the Low-Cost Housing section.

The Direction de l'aménagement et de l'urbanisme has been given the task of setting up and administering social and affordable housing construction programs within Longueuil. Consult the appropriate section to see the details concerning the following programs that are offered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Concerning Housing Assistance

Where should I enquire about living in social housing?

For low-cost housing, you should contact the Longueuil Municipal Housing Corporation (Office municipal d'habitation de Longueuil). Check out the low-cost housing section for details. For housing cooperatives, you should contact the Fédération des coopératives d'habitation montérégiennes (FÉCHAM) [Montérégie Federation of Housing Cooperatives].

Is the financial assistance taxable?

Generally speaking, no. However, owners of residential buildings that offer dwelling units should consult an accountant or a tax consultant to learn of the requirements of the various levels of government.

Must I join a guarantee plan offered by one of the construction associations if I benefit from one of these programs?

Ville de Longueuil does not require an owner to enter into a guarantee plan. However, in certain circumstances, the Régie du bâtiment du Québec [Quebec Building Corporation] requires owners to join such plans, especially in the case of new construction. Various builders' associations also offer guarantee plans covering renovation work.

Does Ville de Longueuil offer any help to first-time buyers?

Ville de Longueuil has no financial assistance program for first-time buyers who wish to purchase a home in Longueuil.

Will Ville de Longueuil offer financial assistance to help me improve the energy efficiency of my home?

Ville de Longueuil does not have programs for this type of work; however, other organizations offer this form of assistance. You may find the following sites useful:

Any questions?

For answers to your questions, you may contact: