Changes to the regulation on animal control

Ville de Longueuil has made significant changes to its regulations to ban pitbulls and pitbull mixes on its entire territory. The current owners of these types of dogs must comply with a series of measures specified in the regulation.

In addition, dogs 20 kg and over will now have to wear a halter or harness when they are outside the property.

Halter and harness

The regulation came into effect on July 13, 2016.

Consult the regulation's codification administrative (in French only)


Pets are animals belonging to species that have long been domesticated and that live with people in their homes for companionship or pleasure, or as assistance animals.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of animals that are considered to be pets: dogs, cats, birds in the budgie and parakeet category, aquarium turtles, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and ferrets. Only fish do not count.


It is forbidden to keep, maintain or possess, including for purposes of sale or reproduction, a pitbull. Meaning:

  1. a purebred bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bull terrier or American Staffordshire terrier

  2. a hybrid dog from a breed of dog mentioned in paragraph 1 and a dog of another race

  3. a mixed-breed dog that has substantial characteristics of a dog of a breed mentioned in paragraph 1

Despite this prohibition, it is permitted to keep, maintain or own at most two pitbulls in a dwelling unit or on the same property if its guardian has obtained a pitbull license before October 1, 2016.

Animal management

Animal management on the Longueuil territory is handled by Services Animaliers Rive-Sud.


Please refer to the by-law clauses covering nuisances related to dogs and cats.

Inside a single dwelling unit or on a single property, pet owners or sitters may keep up to five animals:

  • a maximum of 2 dogs
  • no more than 3 cats

Pet licences mandatory

licenses for dogs and cats Dog or cat owners or sitters must purchase licences for their pets.

This license is valid for a period of 12 months after its issuance, is non refundable and is only valid for the animal for which it was issued.

The licencing fees are as follows:

  • $35 a year for a non-sterilized dog
  • $30 a year for a sterilized dog
  • $10 a year for a non-sterilized cat
  • $5 a year for a sterilized cat
  • free for a guide dog or a certified assistance dog

Licences for guide dogs are valid for their lifetime.

Any application for the renewal of a pitbull license must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. proof of vaccination against pitbull rabies, which can not be older than three years
  2. a certificate from a veterinarian stating that the pitbull is not dangerous, which can not be older than one year

An apple green medal will be given to the animal keeper and must be worn by the pitbull in addition to the regular medal.

In October 2017, upon renewal, a new medal of a different color will be given to the keeper when he comes to Services Animaliers de la Rive-Sud.

Owners of pets that have lost or damaged their license may obtain a replacement upon presentation of proof of payment of the initial license. An administrative fee applies.

Ville de Longueuil may seize the license worn by a dog other than the dog for which it was issued.

Lost pets

Owners of pets that have been lost and impounded may redeem their animals five (5) business days after impoundment. All applicable impoundment, board and veterinary fees must be paid before redemption. Call 450 463-7090 to inquire about a lost or stray animal.

Where can you walk your dog?

You can walk your dog in all Longueuil parks, except Parc Michel-Chartrand and Parc de l'Île-Charron, including the beach.

However, dogs are not allowed in play areas, children's playground areas, on bike paths, sports fields, skating rinks, slopes and within the limits of a recreational equipment.

They are also prohibited in conservation areas of Parc de la Cité and Boisé Du Tremblay other than the paths that are maintained there.

Moreover, four conditions must be respected:

  • keep your dog on a leash at all times
  • any dog that weighs more than 20 kg must wear a halter or a harness, unless it is a guide or assistance dog
  • pitbulls must wear a basket type muzzle
  • pick up after your dog
    Animal control by-laws
    For legal purposes, always refer to the official text of by-laws CO-2008-523, CO-2016-934, CO-2012-733 and CO-2016-931 (in French only)

Purchase locations for licenses

Applications to renew pitbull licenses can only be made in person in the presence of the pitbull at [Services Animaliers de la Rive-Sud] (

How to purchase or renew a license?

Online at or at purchase locations.

For the opening hours of purchase locations, select the building in question.

In Greenfield Park

In Saint-Hubert

In Vieux-Longueuil

Enforcement of the by-law

The police are responsible for enforcing this by-law.

The above information text summarizes the main provisions of this by-law. It in no way replaces the official text adopted by Ville de Longueuil City Council. For legal purposes, always refer to the official text of the by-law (in French only).

Wild animals

If you come across a wild animal, the first thing to do is to try to scare them off. For tips and techniques, visit the website of the ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs.