A certificate of authorization or occupation is required.

Certificate of authorization

Any activity carried out in Longueuil requires a certificate of authorization or occupation. Such activities include any use other than residential, including: agricultural, economic, administrative, business, service, trade, art, profession, or any other activity providing a means of profit, gain or subsistence, whether the activity is for profit or non-profit.

It is the responsibility of the owner or his authorized representative to obtain a certificate of authorization available at the Direction de l'aménagement et de l'urbanisme. Copies of the lease and company name registration are required to fill out the application form and pay the file processing fee.

Certificates of authorization are valid only for the person or legal entity for which the certificate is issued, and for the location and activity indicated on the certificate. The certificate must be posted at all times in a publicly visible location. The certificate is valid as long as there has not been any change in the company's use or activity, in the surface area occupied, or in owner or occupant.

Please contact the Direction de l'aménagement et de l'urbanisme to obtain more information.

PerLE service

PerLE is an online directory that provides a list of permits and licenses required to operate a company in Québec.

Ville de Longueuil provides PerLE the list of permits required for its territory.

Permis et licences (PerLE)