Vehicle Idling

Since vehicle idling is harmful, why not join our efforts in conserving energy, protecting our health and preserving our environment! In its continuing efforts to address the problem of climate change, Ville de Longueuil adopted, on September 16, a municipal by-law regulating vehicle idling on its territory.

The following summarizes the by-law's main provisions. It does not replace the official text adopted by City Council. For legal purposes, please refer to the official text of By-law CO-2008-537.

For more information on vehicle idling, please visit Environnement and hygiene — Vehicle idling.

The by-law's main provisions:

As a rule, idling any type of vehicle is prohibited for more than 3 minutes per 60-minute period.

This applies to all motor vehicles governed by the Highway Safety Code, including commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and road vehicles, as well as any other motor vehicle intended for off-road use, such as snowmobiles and ATVs.

Exclusions apply to certain vehicles, such as emergency vehicles, utility vehicles, heavy vehicles, and taxis. In the latter case, the exclusion applies only between November 1 and March 31, provided that a passenger is in the taxi.

For heavy diesel-powered vehicles, the maximum idling time is 5 minutes per 60-minute period, and 10 minutes per 60-minute period between November 1 and March 31.

Anyone who contravenes the by-law's provisions commits an offence and is liable to a fine and costs. This fine and costs also apply to anyone who advises, encourages, orders or prompts another person to commit an offence.