Mobile city

Longueuil is a mobile and connected city that meets the mobility needs of its residents by implementing sustainable and accessible methods of transportation throughout its territory. Community members are healthy and fit because the territory layout promotes active transportation. The network is safe and user-friendly for residents, workers, and visitors.

As part of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Sustainability, Longueuil puts everything in place to achieve its Longueuil 2035 vision where:

  • Longueuil residents enjoy a variety of safe, synchronized, and complementary methods of transportation. A great deal of travel is done using the high performance, environmentally friendly public transit network. This network is rounded out by alternative methods of transportation that are adaptable to the diverse needs of the population.

  • The city promotes universal accessibility in all of its infrastructures, buildings, services, environments, communications, and equipment.

  • Urban planning promotes active transportation by methods such as walking and cycling, and reduces the distance between public transit stops. The continuity and connectivity of the various networks provide residents with unfettered access to employment, service, and entertainment districts.

  • A properly maintained road network with minimal traffic congestion points facilitates movements of both people and merchandise within and outside of the city.

  • The construction of user-friendly, ecological, and durable transit and mobility infrastructures contributes to improving the comfort of users and surrounding communities, while reducing the impacts of noise pollution, urban heat islands, and runoff.

  • The city and its partners have informed users of the importance of sharing the road and of safe behaviours on public transit vehicles.