Municipal court


Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cour municipale de Longueuil is closed to the public.

All hearings scheduled until May 28th, 2020, will be postponed to a later date. Defendants and their counsel will receive a new notice of hearing.

Please note that teleworkers will be able to answer your calls during business hours, Monday to Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

You can also email us at

Note that it is important to pay all tickets or to submit your plea according to the explanations on the back of the ticket. To make a payment in full, please use the online payment site at or contact your financial institution.

The Jurisdiction of the Cour municipale

The Cour municipale de Longueuil has jurisdiction over the Agglomération de Longueuil. Court judges hear the following types of cases:

  • Infringements by-laws concerning:

    • fire prevention;
    • zoning;
    • building maintenance;
    • parking and traffic offences;
    • health and cleanliness;
    • peace and public order, etc.
  • Infringement of Quebec laws concerning:

    • the Highway Code;
    • the tax law on tobacco;
    • the transportation by taxi.

Legal Procedure: If you have received a ticket…

Online payment — Statement of offenceA ticket is a legal document that, once issued, has legal consequences. This procedure starts as soon as the ticket is issued.

Guilty or not guilty?

You must indicate whether you plead guilty or not guilty within thirty days of the date indicated in the SIGNIFICATION (notification) section of the ticket or on the bailiff's notification report.

If the defendant is a moral person, the signature of one of the administrators, directors, or managers is required. The signatory must mention his or her position in the company.

Payment, guilty plea without payment, or guilty plea with partial payment.

Once the defendant has paid the fine or pleaded guilty, he or she is recognized by the court as having been declared guilty of the offence. In the case of a traffic ticket issued under the Highway Code, demerit points are registered on the driver's record. The demerit points indicated on the ticket are for information purposes only. The registration of demerit points is the responsibility of the Société d'assurance automobile du Québec.

If no payment accompanies a guilty plea, or if the payment does not cover the full amount of the fine and the costs, additional costs will be incurred.

The payment can be sent via the on-line payment of tickets application, through the mail to the address indicated on the ticket, or paid directly to the municipal court as well as through most financial institutions.

Failure to notify a plea and to pay the required amount.

A defendant who neither submits a plea nor pays the full amount of the fine and the costs may be judged by default, without any further notice - even in his or her absence. Additional costs will be added to the initial amount of the fine.

Not guilty plea

You may plead not guilty to an offence by either submitting a written defence to the municipal court, or by visiting the court offices. Whichever method you choose, you must submit your plea within 30 days of having received the ticket. The court clerk will advise you later as to the date and time set for hearing your case.

Notice of hearing and costs

You have received a hearing notice informing you of the place and time of your trial.

To have your hearing postponed, you must:

  • have a valid reason;
  • make your request for a postponement in writing at least 3 days before your hearing;
  • give the reasons for your request as well as your case number and your name, address, telephone number, etc.
    Also indicate the exact reason why you will be unavailable (overseas vacation, hospitalization, etc.) together with dates and length of time.

If your request for a postponement is accepted, you will receive a new notice of hearing within 15 days of your request to the court. If you have not had any news within this time, telephone the municipal court. Costs of $34 will be required for a request to postpone a hearing if you are eventually found guilty.

Change of plea

In accordance with Article 166.2 of the criminal code, you may change your plea of not guilty and register a plea of guilty.

If this is the case, you MUST inform the court in writing (download the plea of guilty form).

Hearing, proof and testimony

You can consult free of charge the evidence that is held against you in making an appointment with the case prosecutor by calling 450 463-7100, ext. 2863 for a ticket issued in Ville de Longueuil (boroughs of Greenfield Park, Saint-Hubert and Vieux-Longueuil), and 514 878-0810 for a ticket issued in the cities of Boucherville, Brossard, Saint-Lambert and Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. To obtain a copy of a document, a fee of $2 per page is required.

During the hearing, the prosecution reserves the right, among other things, to produce the ticket or the report concerning the offence instead of hearing testimony from the police officer or the person responsible for applying the law under which the ticket or report was issued. Witnesses may also be called.

However, should you wish to cross-examine the police officer or person concerned, you may require his or her presence by addressing a written request to the municipal court prosecutor. The judge may impose costs against you if you are found guilty and the judge is convinced that the documentary proof would have been sufficient and that the testimony added nothing of substance to the case.

When the prosecution has completed its case, you may present your defence, testify, produce evidence and have witnesses heard if applicable. It is your responsibility to subpoena your witnesses, should you have any.

If you are declared guilty, you must pay the following costs:

  • The amount of the fine and the costs as stated on the ticket;
  • A cost of $99 for a judgement rendered following a contested case;
  • Other costs as applicable.

You must appear in court on the date and at the time indicated in your hearing notice.

Please bring to the hearing your ticket as well as any other exhibit or document that you wish to submit as proof, including any photo or video evidence collected using a camera, smartphone or tablet, etc.

During the hearing, you must observe the following rules:

  • Behave respectfully
    • Use the title “Your Worship” when addressing the Bench;
    • Address each person respectfully (judge, prosecutors, court clerks, witnesses) using the term “vous” if addressing them in French;
    • Always stand when addressing someone.
  • The following are refused access to the court:
    • Children under fourteen years of age unless called as a witness;
    • People wearing hats, caps, etc.;
    • People wearing, among other things, an open blouse or shirt, a camisole, Bermuda shorts, shorts or swimsuits, or sunglasses.
  • The following people may be ejected from the court:
    • Anyone who smokes, chews or consumes food or drink;
    • Anyone who speaks, reads or writes;
    • Anyone who sits or stands in a sloppy manner (ex. elbows on files, hands behind the head, etc.);
    • Anyone who in any way records or films in the courtroom.


A defendant, who has been declared guilty of the charges brought against him or her, has 30 days, following the judgement, in which to pay the fine and the costs fixed by the court, unless the judge has declared otherwise.


Agreement to pay

A defendant who is unable to pay his or her fine within the time allowed may, within this period, meet with the collector of fines who will analyze the defendant's financial position and agree upon a method of payment.

Should you fail to abide by this method of payment and forget or neglect to make a payment, you must inform the collector of fines or risk having your agreement cancelled and your driving licence suspended, if applicable.

Enforcement of judgements

Suspension of a driving licence

Your driving licence has been suspended, or is about to be suspended, by the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec for non-payment of a fine.

You must pay the total amount due to the municipal court either by certified cheque, bankers order, postal order, cash, credit or debit card to have the suspension lifted or to avoid it being imposed.

If you agree payment terms with the collector of fines concerning the traffic tickets that have involved the suspension of your permit, the suspension cannot be lifted until all the money owing has been paid.

Order to appear before the collector of fines

If an Order to Appear has been issued against you, you must meet with the collector of fines at the date and time indicated on the agreement made with the police officer. You must bring proof of revenue with you to the meeting so as to agree on a method of payment.

You may free yourself of this commitment at any time by paying the fine and court costs, in full, to the municipal court either in cash, by certified cheque, postal order, bankers order, credit or debit card.

Notice of seizure

You must arrange a meeting without delay with the collector of fines to agree on a method of payment. In this way, you will avoid the seizure notice being issued and given to a bailiff. You will also avoid extra costs being added to your file. Once the notice has been issued to a bailiff, only the latter is authorized to receive payment from you.

Compensatory Work

When the collector of fines has reason to believe that seizure of goods does not, or will not, allow for recovery of the monies owed by the defendant, he or she may offer the defendant the opportunity to carry out compensatory work in lieu of payment.

When you receive an offer of compensatory work, you must make an appointment with the collector of fines. You must bring a copy of the following documents to the meeting: your housing lease, pay cheque, or social security cheque (as applicable).

Once the collector of fines has given you the opportunity to do compensatory work, you have 3 days in which to make an appointment with the Service d'aide communautaire [Community Aid Organization] in the area where you live so that they may assign work to you. It is up to you to contact this organization, the telephone number will be indicated on the form that you sign when you undertake to carry out compensatory work.

The compensatory work must be completed within 12 months of having signed the agreement with the collector of fines.

The defendant may pay all or part of the amount due at ant time, even after starting compensatory work. In this case, the amount owing is reduced in accordance with the provisions of the criminal code.

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