The Coat of Arms

Following its recent inauguration in 2002, Ville de Longueuil decided that it would be appropriate to have a coat of arms. These emblems would not replace the logo adopted by the municipal council in June 2002 as its visual identity. The Longueuil logo is a trademark adapted for communications and marketing purposes whereas the coat of arms plays a more formal role.

On May 10, 2004, the Chief Herald of Canada, Robert Douglas Watt, granted the coat of arms to Ville de Longueuil. The insignia are registered in Volume IV, page 372 of the Public Register of Arms, Badges and Flags of Canada to be borne and used in perpetuity by Ville de Longueuil, in accordance with the heraldic rights of Canada. (See the Canadian Heraldic Authority Web site). You may read the document granting the coat of arms to Ville de Longueuil.

The coat of arms with crest and supporters, are those of Charles Le Moyne (1626 - 1685), who founded Longueuil and was knighted in 1668.

In 2002, the late Raymond Grant, a descendant of the Le Moyne family on his mother's side, and the eleventh Baron of Longueuil, said that he was delighted to learn that Longueuil wished to officially take over Charles Le Moyne's historic coat of arms.

In the absence of the 1668 letters patent of nobility, that have long been lost, Ville de Longueuil used a historic document written in the 18th century that provided a written description of the coat of arms (Paris, B.n.F., Chérin 138, dossier 2844).

The full coat of arms

Azure three roses Or, on a chief Gules a crescent between two mullets Or; And upon a helmet mantled Azure doubled Or within a wreath of these colours, this Crest: Issuant from a mural crown Or, a demi aboriginal man affronté proper holding in his dexter hand an arrow Sable; And for a Motto: LABOR ET CONCORDIA, meaning "Work and concord"; And for Supporters: Two aboriginal men proper, each habited of a loincloth Gules, holding an arrow Sable and standing on a grassy mound Vert; And for a Flag: A banner of the Arms.

The full coat of arms is those of the founder and his family. Although it has now been granted to the Ville de Longueuil, the full coat of arms is not generally used. It serves as a historic reference.

Only the emblems on the shield are used.

The emblem on its shield and the listel containing the motto

The emblem on a shield accompanied by the motto contained in a listel make up the coat of arms used for formal ceremonies.

The flag in the colours of the coat of arms

The Police Department insignia