Overview of the Borough of Greenfield Park

Population: 16 965*

The Borough of Greenfield Park covers an area of 4.6 square kilometres, is highly urbanised and almost entirely developed. Having a recognized organization status under the Charte de la langue française du Québec, Greenfield Park may provide services in a language other than French.

From a bird's eye view, Greenfield Park gives the impression of two superimposed rectangles. This structure has produced two different sectors: to the east, is the new Greenfield Park with modern houses and curving roads that offers a "garden city" perspective, while to the west, lies the original sector with a grid pattern road layout and older houses. This sector has been undergoing a progressive renewal for several years now thanks to home renovations, extensions or replacements that integrate architecturally with the area.

home The two sectors of Greenfield Park are separated by Taschereau Boulevard, a regional commercial route some 3 kilometres in length that contains two smaller regional elements: the Charles-LeMoyne Hospital and the Taschereau-Auguste sector. The hospital serves the population in the vast Monteregie area. The Taschereau-Auguste sector represents an important commercial asset. The development of this site (1,200,000 square feet or 111,500 square metres) is currently under way in the larger context of urban redevelopment. Once completed, the Taschereau-Auguste area will create a link between the two sectors of Greenfield Park. It will also attract numerous businesses and so create hundreds of new employment opportunities.

*Updated on: January 7, 2019