The Longueuil Rose

Rosa Longueuil


Breeder: Carruth - 2003
Size: Average to tall, 1.5 m maximum height and width
Stem: Long with few thorns
Bud: Large and pointed
Flower: Large, 12.5 diameter, 30 to 35 petals
Leaf: Glistening dark green, almost black
Colour: Pure white, porcelain
Blooming: June to September
Resistance: Very good
Fragrance: Light liquorice aroma
Culture: Wider flowers in cool weather
Parents: (Playboy x Lagerfeld) x New Zealand

Rosa Longueuil

A hybrid tea rose bearing Longueuil's name

To underscore Longueuil's 350th anniversary, the Société d'horticulture et d'écologie de Longueuil (SHELI) proposed the creation of a floral emblem.

This hybrid tea rose was produced by Weeks Roses, a California company specialized in hybrids. Ville de Longueuil has authorized the rose's registration (WEKPLAQNEZE) with the municipality's name. This authorization includes the country's name to allow the rose's distribution throughout Canada.

The Longueuil Rose's exceptional elegance is characterized by its large double flowers, as white as porcelain, and its long strong stems with few thorns give. The dark green of its shiny leaves gives them an almost black hue.

Almost 2,500 rose bushes were distributed free of charge during celebrations of Longueuil's 350th anniversary. Since they, they bloom everywhere in Longueuil's three boroughs.