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Map of Longueuil

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Major traffic routes cross Longueuil, providing links to all major destinations in the North-East of the continent:

  • Autoroute 20 provides access to Eastern Quebec as well as westwards towards Ottawa and Ontario;
  • Autoroute 10 towards the Eastern Townships and the United States (Boston) as well as westwards towards Ottawa and Ontario;
  • Autoroute 15 and Route 132 lead to the United States (New York);
  • Route 116 crosses Longueuil in an East-West direction.

Four bridges link Longueuil to the Island of Montreal:

  • The Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine Bridge/Tunnel, towards the North of Montreal and Laval;
  • The Jacques-Cartier Bridge, towards downtown Montreal;
  • The Victoria Bridge, giving access to downtown Montreal;
  • The Champlain Bridge, towards the Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau International Airport (Dorval) and the West Island.

Locally, Longueuil is served by a network of boulevards and main roads that allow an easy flow of traffic throughout the city's seven boroughs.

Longueuil is also served by a mass transit system operating 70 bus routes with over 3,000 pick-up points and a metro (subway) station linking Longueuil to the Montreal subway system (Visit the Réseau de transport de Longueuil [Longueuil mass transit system] website).

Finally, an airport is located in the heart of Longueuil. This installation, capable of accepting all types of planes, serves for business and charter flights (ex. sports organizations and shows) as well as specialized flights serving the far north. (Visit the DASH-L website).

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