Longueuil’s signature

signature Longueuil

The “trademark” of Ville de Longueuil

Ville de Longueuil has set its face resolutely to the future, determined to make its mark as an international city.

Longueuil's new visual identity is meant to reflect the faith and enthusiasm that drives Longueuil residents. The signature is a good reflection of the characteristics of this dynamic municipality located on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River. The colours, the symbols and the typeface have been chosen to reflect the timelessness of this new identifying symbol.

Longueuil's signature belongs to its residents. By knowing how to make use of this symbol that best describes Longueuil - its signature - all those who do so contribute to making their municipality better known.

Longueuil's signature is made up of three main elements:

The name Longueuil

The typesetting chosen for the city's name conveys dignity and distinction. The two letters "l" at the beginning and the end convey an equilibrium that is also an inherent characteristic of life in Longueuil. The colour blue symbolizes both the serene quality of life in Longueuil and the proximity of the St. Lawrence River.

The Wavy Ochre Line

Positioned immediately under the name of the city, a wavy ochre line symbolizes the richness of the agricultural land.

The Wavy Blue Line

The wavy blue line signifies the important role played by the St. Lawrence River in the development of the South Shore. Anchored to the letter "g" of "Longueuil", it represents the riverbank and confirms the singular link between the municipality and the river.

Warning: The signature and the name Ville de Longueuil are protected by author's rights and by municipal by-law. The signature has been adopted by resolution of the municipal council and is the exclusive property of Ville de Longueuil. As such, the signature may not be used by other societies or organizations without the authorization of Ville de Longueuil.

The Service des communications is responsible for controlling the use of the signature. The service checks applications to ensure that they meet the required standards. The service also receives all requests from third parties to use the signature and passes them to the relevant authority for approval, usually the municipal council.