Longueuil’s official tartan

The tartan honours the men and women who built our community. It reflects the history of our craftsmanship for future generations to remember.

Design of the tartan of Longueuil

Designed in 2007 for Longueuil's 350th Anniversary Celebrations, the tartan's colours are inspired by the heraldic emblems of Ville de Longueuil and of its boroughs.

Five colours make up the tartan:

  • Blue symbolises the tranquillity of life in Longueuil and the proximity of the St. Lawrence River;
  • Yellow symbolises the richness of the region's farmlands;
  • Green symbolises the municipality's future and its determination to be recognized for its international scope;
  • Red symbolizes the municipality's dynamism;
  • Black symbolises the wealth of our history.

Tartan of Longueuil

The tartan of Longueuil is a creation of the Cercle des fermières de Longueuil. It was woven by Ms. Marie-France Bolduc Quirion, weaver, and Ms. Marthe Roy, vice-president and weaver.

What's a tartan?

The tartan's tradition goes back approximately one and a half centuries. Most of its history was patiently reconstructed from oral traditions which are always draped in emotion and errors. There is however no doubt that the tartan is very old.

In 1440's Scotland, women wore a garment made of soft wool from Highland sheep, dyed with vegetable dye. These garments, called plaids, were woven with a tartan pattern. It was much later that Scottish clans started designing special patterns identifying their clans.

Our own tartans were designed for very different reasons than those of the Scots. They were created to underscore facts or events in each of the provinces or regions. A tartan's colours can represent an ethnicity, natural resources, the climate, the soil, wildlife, flora, etc.

Today, any new tartan must submitted to the Register of the Court of Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, for approval and registration. This is where we find Canadian tartans and any other patterns that their designers wanted to record.

How do we recognize a tartan?

The tartan is a chequered wool fabric with precise colour sequences. It has two or more colours. There are tartan designs with three, four or even five colours. Whatever the number of colours in the warp, they are always in the same order in the weft. The pattern is balanced to create squares of different sizes.

The features that identify a tartan are as follows:

  • A tartan must always have even numbers and result in a 50/50 fabric with a perfect diagonal
  • It is always a twill weave
  • The twill always runs from left to right
  • If the tartan is registered, the tartan's purchase label must bear the tartan's name