Prosperous and sustainably managed city

Longueuil is a prosperous, competitive, and creative city, both in terms of its economy and its territory management. It creates ties between its territory, the community, and its economic partners in order to develop mixed, inclusive, dense, and green living environments. Its suburban agricultural area is developed, dynamic, and innovative.

As part of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Sustainability, Longueuil puts everything in place to achieve its Longueuil 2035 vision where:

  • Ville de Longueuil has based its territory management on responsible and sustainable decisions that take into consideration demographic forecasts and the evolving needs of its citizens. Thanks to harmonized urban and transportation planning, living environments are interconnected, mixed, compacts, and dense.

  • The image of the city is that of an urban community that emerged, efficient and user friendly, from already existing communities, while preserving its architectural, natural, and agricultural heritage.

  • The city has reduced its ecological footprint through responsible management adapted to the impacts of climate change.

  • Public spaces and buildings are increasingly accessible.

  • The city values high-quality layouts, designs, and architecture.

  • The districts feature a diversity of housing units to allow access for all, based on income and inter-generational families.

  • The territory of Longueuil includes a network of continuous green and blue corridors. The new urban designs are intended to reduce heat islands and waterproof surfaces, and to ensure the ecological management of rain water. The layout of streets, construction of buildings, renovation of infrastructures, and creation of green spaces all contribute to improving energy efficiency.

  • Its competitive economy creates an environment conducive to the development of productive and interesting activities for individuals, businesses, and investors, while promoting a constant increase in residents' standards of living.

  • Together with local stakeholders, Longueuil has become a leader in the green economy on the South Shore and in the greater Montréal area. Businesses thrive on this pool of creativity and innovation, offering a wide range of jobs.

  • Social economy businesses add to economic activity in the city.

  • The city educates citizens about eco-responsible agricultural practices. Urban and community agriculture is encouraged.

  • The agricultural zone is dynamic and accessible because of its proximity to the city. It serves as research and innovation hub, and promotes eco-responsible practices and techniques.