Information for the Population

311 In the event of an emergency, Ville de Longueuil will provide the population with an information centre, where citizens can seek assistance and get answers to their questions (how to find loved ones, what essential services are available, where shelters and temporary accommodations are located, etc.).

During a declared emergency, when lives are not at risk, dial 311 to contact the information centre.

At all times, you should carry a list of telephone numbers for your loved ones, friends and the other services that you may need to contact rapidly in an emergency. If you need help completing this list, you can download the personal list of emergency telephone numbers.

Ville de Longueuil's official radio station for broadcasting emergency measures

FM 103,3 In an emergency situation, Ville de Longueuil will first use radio station FM 103.3 to broadcast its emergency advice and instructions to the population.

During a declared emergency, tune in to FM 103,3 using a battery-operated radio.

Be ready for 72 hours