Snow removal

By-laws (in French only)

Snow-removal by-law CO-2008-554
Winter parking by-law CO-2014-859

Help us with snow removal; avoid getting towed!

From December 1 to April 1, overnight parking is prohibited between midnight and 6 a.m. when a snow removal operation is in progress, until the snow removal operation notice is lifted.

Notices are transmitted by 5 p.m. at the latest:

  • on electronic signs located throughout Longueuil;
  • by calling 311 (or 450-463-7311 for people not in Longueuil);
  • on the home page;
  • on the Ville de Longueuil Facebook and Twitter pages;
  • by subscribing to email notices

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Vehicle owners are responsible for checking whether a snow removal operation is scheduled.

We keep going even after it stops snowing! sign

Following initial snow removal operations, the city may need to blow snow or spread abrasives, depending on the amount and type of precipitation in the forecast.

In this case, temporary no-parking signs will be placed in the streets.

Keep an eye out for them!

Tickets gavel + $100

Vehicles that are parked illegally will receive a $100 fine, in addition to applicable fees, and may be towed or moved.

Free parking during snow removal operations

When a snow removal operation is in progress, Longueuil gives its citizens access to outdoor parking lots where they can park their vehicle for a maximum of 24 hours.


Aréna Olympia: 2950 rue Dumont
Caserne d'incendie: 1920 rue Brébeuf
Centre Jeanne-Dufresnoy: 1 boulevard Curé-Poirier Est
Centre Lajeunesse: 120 rue René-Philippe
Colisée Jean-Béliveau: 1755 boulevard Jacques-Cartier Est
Parc Le Moyne: entrance on rue Bord-de-l'Eau
Parc Paul-Pratt: intersection of rue Sainte-Marie and rue Lévis

Municipal parking lots:

  • intersection of rue Saint-Alexandre and rue Bord-de-l'Eau;
  • in front of 77 rue Saint-Alexandre;
  • in front of 68 rue Charlotte;
  • in front of 32 rue Saint-Charles Ouest;
  • in front of 117 rue Saint-Charles Ouest;
  • between 750 and 780 rue Saint-Jean;
  • 2175 rue Du Colisée.


Bibliothèque Raymond-Lévesque: 7025 boulevard Cousineau
Centre culturel Boisvert: 6005 boulevard Payer
Centre culturel Immaculée-Conception: 3675 rue Rocheleau
Centre culturel Labrosse: 3880 rue Labrosse
Centre culturel Pierre-et-Bernard-Lucas: 2060 rue Holmes
Centre culturel Saint-Thomas-de-Villeneuve: 5400 boulevard Payer
Parc Campbell: 6940 rue Spriggs
Parc Daniel-Johnson: 5825 rue Normand
Parc Joseph-William-Gendron: 3222 rue Windsor
Parc Meunier: 525 rue Latour
Parc Marcel-Simard: 1425 boulevard Gaétan-Boucher
Parc Pierre-Laporte: 5395 rue Coursol
Parc du Patriote-Joseph-Vincent: 1906 rue Martineau
Parc Quevillon: 4680 rue Quevillon

Greenfield Park

Aréna Cynthia-Coull: 195 rue Empire
Centre communautaire René-Veillet: 1050 rue Parklane

Help us with snow clearing!

The cooperation of residents is essential to smooth snow removal operations, speeding things up considerably and improving the quality of snow removal.

Here are few tips to help with snow removal operations:

  • Respect the overnight no-parking rule when a snow removal notice is in effect or when the yellow temporary signs are out.
  • Place your garbage and recycling bins in your driveway, on your property.
  • Shovel snow onto your property and not on sidewalks, public roads, paths, and/or fire hydrants.
  • Prune any trees that are obstructing public roads or sidewalks, or hiding road signs.

Frequently-asked questions

If you have any questions regarding snow-removal, please refer to the Frequently-Asked Questions page.