Tax bill


As a relief measure for citizens, the city will temporarily cease issuing and sending various bills, including transfer taxes, until July 14, 2020, inclusively. This also applies to bills for false alarms and to revised tax bills. The city will also extend the payment deadlines for the revised tax bill instalments, scheduled between March 23 and November 5, 2020, by 30 days each.

The process of selling off the property of taxpayers in arrears for 2018, which was due to begin in April 2020, has also been postponed.

Finally, recall that Longueuil granted a month-long extension for each of the three upcoming municipal tax instalments, i.e., May 6 for the second instalment, July 6 for the third instalment, and September 8, 2020, for the fourth instalment. Ville de Longueuil will take the necessary steps to ensure that postdated cheques are cashed on the new due dates.

Information concerning the 2020 tax bill

To consult a tax bill, choose one of the 3 following options:

  • If you are the owner of a property in Longueuil and you are already registered to the on-line consultation service, you can view the details of your tax bill here. To register, you must fill out the registration form.

  • Consulting a public tax bill

  • Notaries, legal representatives and financial institutions wishing to obtain a tax bill through Immonet must register with PG Solutions.

In this page :

How, when and where to pay your tax bill

Payment for the year :

Instalments of the tax bill

If the total amount of a tax bill is equal to or exceeds $300, the bill may be paid in four instalments.

These instalments must be paid no later than:

Tax bill payments

1st instalment February 5, 2020
2nd instalment May 6, 2020
3rd instalment July 6, 2020
4th instalment September 8, 2020

Sending of the tax bill

Tax bills are sent out at the beginning of the year. Following the sale of a property, the new owner will not receive a tax bill or a statement in his or her name. The purchaser must ask the notary for a copy of the tax bills for the current year or enquire as to the state of the account at the Ville de Longueuil citizen service desks or consult the Assessment Roll - Taxation. You may also contact the Info-tax line at 450 463-7272. The fact that you have not received a tax bill does not relieve you from the responsibility of paying your taxes within the set time limits.

How to obtain a copy of your tax bill

You can download an electronic copy of your tax bill or visit one of the city's citizen service desks. At the desks, a $5 fee will be applied.

Address and methods of payment

Cheques must be made out to Ville de Longueuil. You may include post-dated cheques with your first payment to cover later instalments. Each cheque will be cashed on the date indicated on the cheque. In this way, you will avoid standing in line at the citizen service desk or forgetting to pay later instalments. Don't forget to write the file number on each cheque (preferably on the back) and include the payment stub. Payments by cheque should be sent to:

  • Ville de Longueuil
    Taxation — Perception
    P.O. Box 4000 P.D.F. de l'Aéroport
    Succursale l'Aéroport
    Longueuil (Québec)   J4K 0A1

You may pay your taxes at a recognized financial institution, either at a teller's wicket or at the ATM.

If you pay through your financial institution's Web site, you should choose Ville de Longueuil as the supplier and indicate the number for computerized payment that appears on each of the payment stubs.** Please take care not to confuse payment of your school taxes with payment of your municipal taxes. It is your responsibility to choose the correct payee. These are two separate institutions. The number for the electronic payment varies depending on the type of bill to pay (property taxes, duties, other type of bills). We invite you to revise it with every payment. The majority of financial institutions offer Internet payment facilities. You must contact them concerning using this service.

You may also pay your taxes in person at one of the citizen service desks of Ville de Longueuil. Ville de Longueuil accepts payments by bank transfer, in Canadian funds only, for property owners who are resident overseas.

Mortgage holder

In many cases, it is the mortgage holder who pays the taxes. If a message appears at the bottom of your tax bill, your mortgage holder has been informed and must pay the taxes. However, if the tax bill includes arrears, it is the responsibility of the tax payer to pay the arrears and he or she must make sure that all payments are made before the due dates. If your mortgage holder's name does not appear on the tax bill, you must contact the company to make sure it will make your payment and to have your name added to the list that it sends to Ville de Longueuil for future payments. Your mortgage holder may ask you to supply a copy of your tax bill (how to obtain a copy of your tax bill). When the mortgage holder ceases to pay the taxes, the company must inform the city. Contact your mortgage holder to ensure that this notice is sent.

No receipt will be given. A copy of your bill is sufficient for your mortgage company and for your income tax requirements.

Arrears, interest rates and penalties

Interest (7%) and penalties (5%), for a combined rate of 12% are added to the unpaid balance on the due date. When a reimbursement is justified, only the interest portion is reimbursed. If you make your payments by mail, at an ATM at your financial institution, or via the Internet, please allow for necessary delays (at least two working days before the due date of the instalment). Interest and penalties are added to any amount remaining unpaid at the due date. When payment is made after the due date, the interests and penalties will be paid first.

Sale for unpaid taxes

Properties having arrears for which taxes have not been paid for the year 2018 will be sold during 2020 for non-payment of taxes. Public notices are published in the newspapers. Please contact the Info-Tax line at 450 463-7272.

Management Fees

Ville de Longueuil will bill the cost of banking services for cheques that are refused at the bank as well as for the withdrawal or deferment of post-dated cheques. These costs are $25 and $10 respectively.

A $25 fee will be applied when the reason for a refund is similar to another refund made for the same debtor within the past three years.

Change of Address

Use the change-of-address form.

For any additional information, please contact the Info-Tax line at 450 463-7272.