Use of firearms and explosive materials

Ville de Longueuil By-law

It is forbidden to use a firearm within Ville de Longueuil except in the zones specified in the by-law:

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"Firearms" include all equipment capable of firing lead shot, bullets, arrows, darts, or any other projectile capable of injuring a human being or an animal.

It is forbidden to transport, handle, or use any explosive material, fireworks, or firecracker in Ville de Longueuil without prior authorization from the city.

Transportation of firearms within the limits of Ville de Longueuil is allowed on condition that the firearm is contained in a case or holster that completely covers it and that the journey is carried out in accordance with all current legislation and by-laws (municipal, provincial and federal).

Even in zones where it is permitted to use a firearm for hunting, it is forbidden to do so when less than 200 metres from any road, cycle path, park, public place, dwelling, commercial or industrial building, or city limit.

In a zone that follows the river bank, i.e. in the borough of Vieux-Longueuil between the eastern limit of Marie-Victorin Park and the Louis-Hippolyte-LaFontaine tunnel, the firearm must not be used when less than 40 metres from any road or cycle path and must not be aimed in the opposite direction to the river.

Firearms may only be used during the period between half-an-hour before sunrise to 9 a.m., except in zones A, where they may be used later in the day.

Anyone who contravenes these measures is liable to a minimum fine of $500 (plus costs) for a first offence, and a minimum fine of $1,000 (plus costs) for a repeat offence.

For additional information, please call the Police.